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o_town_love's Journal

O-Town Fan's
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Welcome to all the O-Town Fans!

[] This is for anyone and everyone who loves O-Town.
[] Post pictures of your boys.
[] News and Tour Info about O-Town
[] Stories of when you meet them or concerts you have been to.
[] Quizzes relating to O-Town
[] Icons you made or want to share.
[] AIM icons you want to share
[] Anything else you want to post about O-Town!
[] All I ask is you be respectful ask before taking stuff, give credit, tag your stuff if you dont want taken, be kind to others and just have fun!!

[] I am the owner of this community... spoiledchic269
[] Email Me: MiSsAmEriCax0@aol.com
[] AIM: xbeautifulx0x